In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the key features of java programming and what makes java so interesting and different from other programming languages.

The main mission of Java programming language is to be as portable simple and Secure as possible. Java programming language consists of key features which makes it so popular in the programming world.

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Following is the list of those key features of Java programming language:

  1.  Simple:   Java is simple to understand,  and it’s bundled set of features makes it easy  to learn.
  2. Secure:  Java is a safe programming language if you want to create internet applications.
  3. Portable:  one of the most important key feature of Java is its portability that is you can run it on any environment with the help of a Java Runtime tool.
  4. Object Oriented:  Java follows the philosophy of object oriented programming.  OOP  methodology is applied to Java programs.
  5. Robust: because of its approach of of encouraging error-free programming,  Java looks at the errors strictly during the runtime checks.
  6. Multithreaded:  thread is a single program data programming tool executes. But when we write Java programs,  we can handle as many tasks at once through multithreading.  The main reason that we apply multithreading is that we don’t have to give memory space to each thread separately. When you want to run multiple programs in Java then a size of memory is allocated to  those programs.
  7. Architecture Neutral:  Java is not made for a specified computer machine or operating system,  it is independent in its architecture and can run on multiple operating systems.
  8. Interpreted:  Java uses bytecode to run the code written inside it for supporting cross platform operating systems.
  9. High Performance:  the bytecode in Java is highly capable to execute the code at high speed.
  10. Distributed:  Java is a distributed language because any program that is written on Java can be compiled from one computer to another computer because of its communication with the bytecode. The distribution feature of Java helps the internet users to execute their Java code remotely.
  11. Dynamic:  Any binding that happens at runtime is said to be dynamic. Java is also a dynamic language.
  12. Platform Independent:  Java is independent and is different from C,  C++,  which are are compiled with the intention of using them on different platforms.  Java can be written once and it can be run on any platform.