Node Js Introduction

In this tutorial, we are going to dive deep into the introduction to node js and what are its features, uses and reasons to use it.

The current day web applications have truly progressed significantly throughout the years with the presentation of numerous well known structures, for example, bootstrap, Angular JS, and so on. These structures depend on the mainstream JavaScript system.

Be that as it may, when it came to creating server-based applications, there was a sort of void, and this is the place Node.js came into play. Node.js is originally founded on the JavaScript structure, yet it is utilized for creating server-based applications. We will further investigate Node.js in detail and how we can utilize it to create server-based applications.

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What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open source server runtime environment. Because it is open, it is free of cost. It is build on Google Chrome’s javascript V8 engine. Node js is used for creating web applications.

The main architecture of Node.js is based on asynchronous programming. Unlike PHP or ASP which waits while the file system opens and reads the file and then shows the returned result; On the other hand, Node.js is robust in sending the task and at the same time it is open to handle the next request or multiple requests. In short, Node.js simply unblocks communication and allows requests to propagate freely through an event driven looping system.

Why Use Node.js?

There are several reasons to use node js which we will learn in this tutorial. The reason why node js is so popular is its response time. Following are the reasons for using Node js:

  1. Event Looping Driven Model: Unlike other frameworks which are synchronous in nature, node js can handle multiple requests single handedly through event looping mechanism.

    Introduction to Node Js

    Event Driven Model of Node Js

  2. Speed: Because it is built on chrome’s v8 Javascript engine, node js library is very fast in handling requests.
  3. Highly Scalable: Because of Node js ability to handle multiple requests, the operations inside the node js make the server highly scalable due to its non-blocking nature.

Who Uses Node.js?

There are many companies and organisations using node.js for their server side operations. Following are the companies using node.js:

  1. Netflix Streaming Service
  2. Uber Car Pooling App
  3. Paypal Payment Website
  4. Yahoo Search Engine

When To Use Node.js?

You can use node.js when you want to create:

  1. I/O bound application
  2. Streaming websites
  3. Realtime applications (like google analytics)
  4. API’s based applications.