Downloading and Installing Node Js

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about downloading and installing Node.js on our machines, as well as verify it after installation.

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Getting Started: Downloading Node js

To download node.js on your system, in your web browser; go to . For installing Node js on windows, click on the windows installer button and by default you will be redirected to download the latest version.

For Windows Select Windows Installer

node js install

For Macbook Select MacOS Installer

node js install mac

Note: You can install Node Js for other operating systems as well, for example linux, source code etc.

Installing Node Js and NPM On Your System

Once the downloading is finished, you can open your folder where you have downloaded the node js file and continue installing node.js it on your system by following a bunch of steps.

  1. Double the downloaded file of Node.js to launch the setup.
  2. The system will prompt you to Run the file, Select Run to initiate the setup.
  3. You will see a setup screen in front you, click Next to further proceed.
  4. You will be prompt to accept the license terms of node.js. Agree to all terms by clicking on the Next button.
  5. The installer will then prompt you to choose the installation destination, if you opt not change it then leave it as it is. Otherwise, you can change your installation path yourself., click Next.
  6. The setup will show you to select some components or deselect them. If you want the settings to be default, then simply click on the Next button without touching the components area.
  7. At last, your installer will be ready to install the file, just click on Install button to install node js, and once you are done installing it; click on Finish.

Verify Node Installation

To verify the installation of Node.js, you can open your terminal (MacOS) or Command Prompt (Windows) and run the following commands:

To check the version of node js:

node -v

To check the version of npm js:

npm -v


  1. We have learned about downloading node.js by visiting
  2. We then installed by following the due steps.
  3. At last, we verified the installation by checking the version of node js and npm.