Introduction To Splunk

In this tutorial, we will dive into the Introduction to Splunk software by finding out about what is Splunk, what are the reasons to use it and how many product categories are in Splunk.

Introduction To Splunk

Splunk is a software/digital product that specializes in analyzing, monitoring and forecasting computer generated data in real time. We can monitor different kinds of data files like log, events etc in Splunk. We can use different dashboards to view data at our own ease using Splunk.

Reasons to Use Splunk

There are numerous reasons to use Splunk, one is the popularity of it, the others are mentioned below:

  • Real-time data monitoring, i.e. data with Splunk gets updated live.
  • Splunk has compelling dashboards
  • Because of its fast and instant search assistance, it saves your time to troubleshoot
  • You can study your data and learn from it solving a lot of business problems effectively.
  • You can create graphs, show warning and create your own custom dashboards with Splunk
  • Data analyzed with Splunk can be processed fast.
  • Splunk detects failures and focuses to improve its performance.
  • Helps you to track and make educated decisions on every company measure.
  • One of the main features of splunk is that it easily incorporate Artificial Intelligence as a data approach.
  • You can analyze data in Splunk in multiple formats like .csv, .json, etc.
  • Anyone can use Splunk, the dashboard and visualization tools are built for all types of users.
  • Splunk gives us the permission to create a central server in which data can be searched through different devices or other servers.

Splunk Products

Splunk is divided into three main products:

Splunk for Enterprise

This product is mainly used by companies that are large in size and mostly has a business model based on IT structure. Through this product, companies can evaluate, analyze data from various resources.

Splunk for Cloud

This product has almost all the same features like the Splunk for Enterprise product but it is hosted on the cloud platform, easiest way to avail the cloud based Splunk service is using the AWS platform.

Splunk Light or Lite

Just like any other software that comes with a ‘lite’ version, splunk also has such an option of a lite product that consists of limited functionalities and options in contrast to Splunk for Enterprise and Cloud.