C++ Vs Java

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the key differences between C++ Vs Java Programming Language by comparing them side by side with each other.

C++ Vs Java

Since Java and C++ both follow the methodology of object-oriented programming. Yet, C++ and Java are different from each other in so many ways.

C++ retains a lot of C features like object oriented programming. C++ purpose was to develop systems and create applications.

Java is built upon a virtual machine which is very secure and highly portable in nature. It is grouped with a comprehensive library to provide support for the abstraction of the existing platform.

Java programming language was developed by Sun Microsystems which is now owned by Oracle. It was designed for creating and maintaining applications and has a functionality of interpreting its programs run on different operating systems.

Java is built on an architecture of a secure and portable virtual machine that holds a huge library to support operating on different platforms.

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Key Differences Between C++ Vs Java

Feature C++ Java
Platform Independence C++ depends on the platform it gets executed on. Java is platform-independent and works on any platform because of its ability to translate the code into bytecode.
Used For C++ is used for writing programs for the system. Java is used for creating applications that are used on operating systems as well as on enterprise level and making mobile applications.
Compilation and Interpretation C++ is only a compiler language. Programs written in C++ are compiled into an object and then executed to create an output Java is a compiling programming and also and interpreting language as well. The code compiled in Java converts into bytecode and is platform independent
Goals C++ was mainly created for systems and applications. It is a successor of C programming language. Java was created to interpret printing systems but it later on became useful on supporting networks. The goal of Java accessible by a large number of audience.
Libraries C++ has limited number of libraries and low functionality. Has mega options to choose from in terms of libraries and packages.
Runtime Error Detection C++ depends on the programmer for detecting errors in runtime environment. Java takes full responsibility to log an error through its own system.
Goto Statement C++ supports goto statement Java doesn’t support goto statement.
Thread Support C++ doesn’t have in built thread support. It relies on the third-party to Java doesn’t support goto statement.
Comments C++ doesn’t support documentation comments. Java supports comments.
Exception Handling C++ doesn’t support documentation comments. Java supports comments.
Memory Management C++ has no auto memory management. We have to manually assign memory or allocate via operators. Java supports system centric memory management.