In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the spinbox widget in tkinter that can be used as a replacement for the entry widget. We will learn about its features and methods along with a handy example.

What is Spinbox in Tkinter?

The Spinbox widget in tkinter is an alternative for the Entry widget. You can use the spinbox widget for selecting from a number of options. The syntax for using the spinbox widget is:

Spinbox_tk = Spinbox ( window, features )

Spinbox features and properties are:

1 activebackground Shows the spinbox background color upon the mouse hover
2 bg It shows the background color of the widget. 
3 bd It shows the width of the border in pixels
4 command It is used to set the function call whenever it is called.
5 cursor You can use the cursor as different shapes on the screen as circle, dot etc.
6 disabledbackground It shows the color of the background when the spinbox is disabled.
7 disabledforeground It shows the color of the foreground when the spinbox is disabled.
8 fg Determines the foreground color of font that is used for the spinbox.
9 font It shows the font type of the widget.
10 format Used for formatting the string in spinbox.
11 from_ Specifies starting end of the spinbox range.
12 justify It is used to display text on button in RIGHT, LEFT and CENTER justified positions.
13 relief This displays different types of borders like SUNKEN, RAISED, GROOVE, and RIDGE.
14 repeatdelay This option is used to define the duration when a button clicks through one range option to another. Time is measured in ms.
15 repeatinterval It is quite near to repeatdelay function.
16 state This represents DISABLED or NORMAL state of the spinbox.
17 textvariable By using this feature, you can easily update the text of the widget whenever you want.
18 to Specifies ending point of the spinbox range.
19 validate Used for validating the widget’s value.
20 validatecommand Used for calling back a function that is used for the validation of the widget information.
21 values A tuple containing values for the spinbox widget.
22 vcmd Equivalent to validation command.
23 width Specifies the width of the widget.
24 wrap This option is used for wrapping a button up and down the spinbox.
25 xscrollcommand If you have a scrollable spinbox widget, then xscrollcommand will be used as a .set() method for the horizontal scrollbar.

Methods for a spinbox widget are:

1 delete(startindex, endindex) This method is used to delete characters within the specified range.
2 get(startindex, endindex) It fetches the characters available in the given range.
3 identify(x, y) It identifies the widget’s elements in a specified range.
4 index(index) It fetches the absolute index of the specified index.
5 insert(index, string) It is used for inserting a string through an index value.
6 invoke(element) It is used for supplicating the callback functions linked with the spinbox widget.

Creating Spinbox

You can create simple a spinbox widget as follows:

from tkinter import *

screen = Tk()

spinbox_tk = Spinbox(screen, from_=0, to=100)


Output will be:


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