In this tutorial, we are going to learn about frames in Tkinter and how we can use them in complex formations containing multiple widgets inside it.

What are Frames in Tkinter?

Frames in tkinter ares used to organize and contain other widgets inside it. There are also used to give padding between the elements while being the base source itself. To declare a frame, we use the following syntax:

frame_tk = Frame( window, features )

Frame features and properties are:

1 bd Displays the border width
2 bg Declares the background color of the frame
3 cursor You can use the cursor as different shapes on the screen as circle, dot etc.
4 height Declares the height of the frame.
5 highlightbackground Shows the color of the background in focus 
6 highlightcolor Shows the color of text in focus.
7 highlightthickness Planks the thickness of the highlight border
8 relief Sets the border type. The default is FLAT 
9 width Sets the frame width.

Creating Your First Frame

from tkinter import *
screen = Tk()


#top frame
frame_up = Frame(screen)

#Bottom Frame
frame_down = Frame(screen)

#Green Button
green = Button(frame_up, text="green", fg="green")

#Blue Button
blue = Button(frame_up, text="blue", fg="blue")

#Red Button
red = Button(frame_down, text="red", fg="red")


Output will be:

Frame in Tkinter

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