In this tutorial we are going to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of phonegap with the help of some listed reasons that are going to back up each of the areas.


  1. Phonegap is becoming the most popular cross platform mobile application framework day by day. Because of its ease and accessibility, we can use it across all mobile platforms. Stakeholders and developers are both happy because of this product since phonegap can market apps in less time, money and effort.
  2. Hiring expert designers is no longer needed with phonegap. All we need to do is to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Learning new languages after every update and creating apps on a different platform would be difficult for the developers.
  3. Since the applications that you create on phonegap behave like native applications, phonegap apps just adapt to the properties of the phone that they are working on which includes camera, geolocation etc.
  4. Every framework’s success depends on how strong backend framework is, if the framework has a strong backend support, then the development phase is pretty fast and productive. Hence a solid backend is needed for a robust performance of our application.
  5. The good news about the phonegap framework is that it’s an open source framework. All the enthusiastic developers can use the phonegap framework without any cost.
  6. Phonegap is powered by Apache cordova and uses its plugins for new functionalities for developing applications.


  1. Phonegap may have problems with working with high end gaming applications. the developers of the game may encounter glitch issues and error popups in their applications during the testing.
  2. One common problem that could occur is that the plugins used by phonegap can expire after a certain time which can ultimately result in the functionality of an application. If we do not have updated plugins then we may lose certain features like camera, geolocation etc.